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How am I supposed to call this hell hole home…?

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Anonymous asked:
hi. im rae. and i just found your youtube channel. i know that you haven't uploaded a vdieo in a long time. ( fro obvious reasons) but in your last one you said that you had anxiety issues and depression. im have those same things,. i would have asked as my user but im embarrassed and a lot of people follow my blog. so i was wondering what kind of medication you used, and if you had any tips for me, i would really appreaciate if you did. i hope all is well in your life. Much Love-- R <3

I used Prozac for my depression, Trazidone for sleep, and Xanax for my anxiety. It helped but I found that it made me feel apathetic, I was no longer depressed, but I felt nothing instead. I had to figure myself out. I had to figure out what had caused all this and face it in the best way I could. I still live with my anxiety and depression, but I know what to do when it starts up. I’m not perfect, and have my weaknesses, but the most I can do is love myself and try. If you ever need anyone to talk to I’m here, and you could kik me whenever :) it’s d3finel0ve

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